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The Return to Syria

Just as the school year ended for the Syrian refugee students at Saida Center, the wait began. Students who had traveled to Damascus for their exams eagerly anticipated their results, hoping that their hard work would pay off and they could step up to the next stage of life: university. Read more.

Preparing to grow

The spring and autumn seasons in southern Lebanon are warm & sunny 餥al conditions for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. It spans the space between more extreme climates, allowing tropical plants like the avocado tree to flourish alongside more temperate plants like squash & apples. Read more

The students at JCCӡida Center are all recent arrivals to Lebanon. They have crossed into Lebanon with the hopes that their stay here will be temporary, that they will soon be able to return to al-Sham, a name for Syria which conjures images of its beauty and legacy.
 Read more.

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